The Art of the Marionette Is Alive & Well
In Lancaster, PA!

Many European cities ig index have supported puppet theaters, but there are few resident theaters in the United States. It is said that puppetry is a dying art. Not so! The Lancaster Marionette  Theatre,  founded by Robert Brock in 1990, delights audiences of all ages with this ancient and unique art form.


Visitors to Lancaster are astonished and thrilled to find this little gem, located in a ciirca 1850 building at 126 North Water St. in downtown Lancaster, PA. The interior is reminiscent of the Victorian era. The elevated seats are from the historic Fulton Opera House. The chandeliers are surrounded by cherubs, and fxpro reviews a stained-glass wall opens into the John Durang Puppet Museum.   The museum is dedicated to John Durang, the first American-born actor, dancer, and puppeteer, who was born in Lancaster in 1768.

The Lancaster Marionette Theatre is, for many children, their first live theater experience. Audiences of all ages are welcomed into an intimate 50 seat setting where they are enthralled by the adaptations of the classic tales written and performed by the artistic director, Robert Brock and the puppets he creates. Audiences are invited to accompany the artistic director on a backstage tour prior to performances. At the conclusion of the show, Brock explains the construction and the manipulation of the marionettes.





According to the author, “This is Fanny’s story”.  Fanny was her grandma, who was born fxpro mt4 in Lancaster just after the civil war.   Her life and times in Lancaster and New York City are vividly described by Broucht.  This family saga includes impropriety, embezzlement, murder/suicide, and bootlegging.  It is illustrated with family photos, as well as pictures of Lancaster and New York at the beginning of the 20thcentury.  

All proceeds from the sale of the book will provide free tickets for inner-city students to attend performances at the Hole in the Wall Puppet Theatre, where the author, aka Nanny Lou, serves as volunteer business manager.  The cost of the deluxe color copy is $30.00, and the black and white is $15.00. 

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